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Hi there, I’m Ashlee Brooke Robbins.

My journey began when I was twenty five, living in Las Vegas. I was going through a rough patch, not knowing who I was as a human being, and constantly looking for my place in the world. I stumbled upon crystals, which brought me to Reiki (energy healing), and that is where the real journey of Yoga began. The more I learned, the more people were popping into my life in search of guidance and self love! I went from a ย life that lacked self love and discipline, to one that is filled with empowerment and happiness.

My Ashtanga journey began in 2016, when I attended a few vinyasa flow classes at a local Las Vegas Studio and happened to step foot into an Ashtanga Based class. I fell in love with the practice of Ashtanga Yoga. I then researched teachers, and went to a LED Class on a Sunday Morning,ย where I met a teacher I would be with for two years. I absolutely loved her as a human being. She was serious about the practice, this set a tone in my personal practice. I practiced with her daily for two years until I made the move back to Salt Lake City, which is where I call home.

In Salt Lake City, I decided to remain within the Lineage of Sri K Pattabhi Jois. I found an authorized teacher to practice under, and adore his teaching style. I am currently still practicing under him and absolutely love the Ashtanga Community in SLC.

I continue to post videos and pictures of my asana practice on Instagram. Ashtanga Yoga is a practice that has stolen my heart. I plan on continuing this practice for the rest of my life, while altering it to what fits best at that given time. The Ashtanga Yoga practice has helped me do so much self reflection, while striving to live a life free of suffering.

Bringing self development and wellness into the lives of others is the goal of this blog. I will post some of the information I know and fuel it with my own life experiences in hope that it resonates with someone in the World. I am intrigued by good books, essential oils, vegan cooking, coffee, and yoga. Feel free to send any recommendations my way and connect with me on any social media platform!

Thanks for following me along this journey and being a part of my life!

Om Shantih.

– Ashlee Brooke

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hello! I am a traveling chiropractor and ashtanga yogi passing through SLC Thursday-Sunday. I am about to graduate and seeking some influences for my next chapter in life. Looking to connect with fellow healers and yogis in the area as I am traveling solo. Can you make any recommendations for a great studio or any events you may be offering? Would love to connect with you if it can align, seems like we have a lot in common!

    1. Hi Jennifer, I’m so sorry but I’m just now seeing this. I wish I would have checked this sooner. Please reach out next time you’re in
      SLC and I’d love to practice with you. I practice at the Front with Sammy and Sarah Jane, they are wonderful teachers! I hope you had safe travels and enjoyed your time here. <3

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